Creative Boom 2023: Bond Pickleball x Liven

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Bond Pickleball partners with internationally acclaimed artist and curator, Liven, to showcase the immense potential of blending art and sports. This collaboration is inspiring both pickleball enthusiasts and artists to explore the creative possibilities within this dynamic field.

Meet the Artist

Liven is a globally active artist and curator, a member of the Asia Pacific Young Artists Association, and a judge for the Asia Pacific Young Art Competition. Known for his work in Hong Kong, China, and Europe, he has participated in several international exhibitions.

His recent shows at the Florence Contemporary Art Exchange, organized by the Italian National Art Association and presented by ISOLART Gallery, and at Notre Dame Week of Art have firmly established his position on the international art scene!

Bond Pickleball x Liven 1

The Creative Concept Behind Liven

In the Bond Pickleball Planet, each member of the team has a unique personality. I aimed to express teamwork, mutual help, and warmth through the cute and playful characters. During the creative process, I carefully selected the most crucial elements while keeping the image simple and clear. For me, the warmth of the colour scale is represented by warm colours, with yellow being the most striking. This gives the overall image of the character a vibrant and visually captivating appearance.

The design of the main character, Cubby, underwent numerous adjustments and modifications not less than 40 times, but none yielded the desired results. In the end, I returned to the essence of what I wanted to express: warmth. But how could I visualize warmth? That's when I came up with the idea of a hug. By visualizing the warm feeling conveyed by the act of hugging, I associated it with a fluffy pet cat, which evokes a sense of warmth and comfort. Therefore, I molded the main image into a chubby character. And thus, the highly recognizable and joyful Cubby, radiating warmth, was born.

Bond Pickleball x Liven 2

Bond Pickleball: Artistry, Customization, Professionalism

As a brand dedicated to propelling the innovative evolution of Bond Pickleball, we recognize the limitations of traditional equipment and pickleball paddle designs. Embracing the belief that pickleball is a game ripe with creativity and individuality, we aspire to provide every pickleball player with a platform to express their unique style on the court.

Our commitment extends beyond functionality, as we aim to craft paddles that integrate art. We want to nurture the growth of pickleball by celebrating creativity, individuality, community, and excellence. We endeavour to cultivate a stadium environment infused with personality and creativity, delivering a distinct and immersive experience for pickleball players and spectators alike.

Bond Pickleball x Liven 3

Further Collaboration in the Bond Pickleball Artist Program

The collaboration between Bond Pickleball and Liven unfolds as an exploration and innovation that allows art to seamlessly intertwine with pickleball. We break boundaries, broaden horizons, and redefine the relationship between these two diverse realms. This partnership offers pickleball enthusiasts and artists an extraordinary opportunity to join forces, exchange ideas, and co-create exceptional works.

The Bond Pickleball Artist Program invites everyone to contribute their talents and leave an indelible mark on the unfolding narrative of art and pickleball. Become part of this transformative collaboration and contribute to the evolving pickleball story.